Rush Soccer Picture Calendar.
All-Star Photography is the official photographer for Virginia Rush Soccer.

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My name is Terrell Murrell and I am a 22 year Navy veteran. I spent 20 of those years as a Navy Photographer. I have worked in all areas of photography from processing film and making prints in the dark room to shooting aerial photographs from a Navy helicopter. After retiring from the Navy I went to work for a company taking portrait pictures of children. An opportunity came my way to take some team sports photos and thus was born All-Star Sports Photography.
My wife Elizabeth was my encouragement, telling me I could be a success.  Together we passed out fliers and began to take more and more teams.  At large photo shoots Elizabeth would help in getting teams organized and lined up behind the photographer.  She also worked at the table answering questions and helping parents fill out the picture form.

All-Star Sports Photography specializes in youth team sports photography. We have been serving the Tidewater area since 1992. We have become a leader in providing our customers with a wide variety of sports packages and personalized memorabilia at a very competitive price. We custom crop all photos to provide the best composition of your child’s photo. We also remove unwanted objects from the background before sending it to a custom lab that specializes in sports photography. We have a 100% guarantee on all of our work.

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